Protecting Maryland Consumers


As a young man,  I was taught the importance of justice and fairness, and to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.  I have carried those values with me throughout my career in public service: championing laws to protect children from ingesting harmful chemicals in baby bottles and formula; expanding the Attorney General’s power to investigate and prosecute identity theft; protecting Maryland homeowners from the threat of foreclosure; outlawing conspiracies to deny consumers the advantages of discount pricing; and holding public utilities accountable for poor service and unwarranted rate hikes.

In 2013, I championed a new measure through the Maryland Senate that will help Maryland homeowners take advantage of low-rate mortgage refinancing options that will save them money and protect them from losing their homes.   Several organizations have recognized my legislative efforts to protect Maryland consumer, including the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, the Maryland Nurses Association, the Black Nurses Association,, and the Maryland Public Interest Research Group.

As Attorney General, I will continue to be a champion for Maryland consumers, protecting them from unfair business practices, fraud and deceptive scams.  I will crack down on fraud that puts hard-working families at risk of losing their homes despite following all the rules.   Fraud and corruption cost our state billions of dollars; Maryland needs an Attorney General that will fight to get that money back.  As your Attorney General, I’ll put my experience to use to safe guard your pocket book and your tax dollars from those trying to game the system.

Through a combination of increased vigilance and public education, I will push back against those who exploit the vulnerable – whether they’re two-bit thieves, Wall Street bankers, or corporate Goliaths.  As the people’s lawyer, I’ll make sure the Consumer Protection Division protects Marylanders from identity theft, immigration fraud, illegal foreclosures, misleading interest rates, and a host of other unfair and illegal practices. The Internet offers access to a host of valuable services, entertainment and information. At the same time, it creates opportunities for scammers, hackers, and identity thieves. That means adjusting priorities, understanding the risks and benefits of consumer products, and working with law enforcement to stay on top of technology so we can prevent identity theft and online scams--while we protect people's privacy and individual rights. I wrote the law giving the Attorney General jurisdiction to prosecute identity theft and online fraud – I will use it to protect people’s privacy and crack down on cyber crime. 

 As Attorney General, I’ll be proactive in helping consumers – so special interests, scam artists and big corporations don't have the opportunity to prey on working people and middle-class families of Maryland. 




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