Protecting Kids Online

Information technology has made our world more connected and productive than ever before.  Unfortunately, the anonymity and freedom of the Internet have also created greater opportunities for crime, exploitation, and abuse.  As a father of two daughters, I know firsthand the threats the Internet brings into the lives of young people today. Through that experience, I have come to believe that criminals who prey on children should face severe penalties. As more of our kids continue to access technology at a younger age, more predators will seek to exploit them. Only through increased vigilance and determined prosecution can we keep our children safe.

As Attorney General, I will do my utmost to protect Maryland’s children from the threat of online predators.  By adopting policies informed by up-to-the-minute knowledge about technological trends, tools, and practices, I will stay a step ahead of bad actors who target children. I will work with parents, families, and schools to make sure that parents, children and educators have the necessary tools to keep kids safe online. I will make it a priority for the Attorney General’s office to partner with community leaders, local school boards and local law enforcement to raise awareness among parents, kids and the larger community about the dangers that children face online, and the common-sense preventative measures that both families and young people can take to keep them safe from online bullies and predators.

Smart Tactics to Keep Kids Safe

As Attorney General, I will work with federal, state and local law enforcement to prevent crimes before they happen. I will use the full extent of the law to:

  • Aggressively track down Internet predators;
  • Strengthen regional efforts through area-specific task forces;
  • Use non-traditional tactics to target predators;
  • Work with educators to create safe circumstances for students to report predators and offer computer safety guides to parents and teachers

Keeping Predators Off Social Networks

As Attorney General, I’ll work with social networking sites that cater to young people to remove registered sex offenders. When necessary, I will use the full authority of my office to compel their removal.

We must keep the Internet safe for young people. I will work every day and strongly advocate for new measures to protect our kids from predators – both offline and online. Information technology may continue to transform our lives for the better, but not if we allow criminals to be our most prolific innovators.


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