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10th Annual Western Maryland Democratic Summit


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Democratic leaders gathered at the Hager Hall Conference and Event Center on Saturday for the 10th Annual Western Maryland Democratic Summit.

Maryland State Senator Brian Frosh was just one of the several Democrats who spoke at the summit. Frosh is running for attorney general this year and loves when all the democratic leaders get to come together.

"The event today is about democracy," Frosh said. "This is about people making choices of who's going to be their leaders, and this is where people learn who the candidates are and what they stand for."

Other speakers included U.S. Congressman John Delaney, who presented the morning keynote address. He was followed by Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, who's running for Governor. Brown agrees that the summit is a great time for the democrats to speak about how they can better the state of Maryland.

"It means an opportunity for democrats to come together, talk about our shared values, the progress we are making, the challenges that lie ahead and how together we can serve the people of Maryland for a better Maryland," Brown said.

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler is competing against Brown for the governor spot and said this year will be a tough election.

"We have a very, very competitive primary," Gansler said. "We're in single digits between the two of us. Almost two-thirds of the voters are undecided.

All the candidates agree the most important issue that needs to be addressed is job creation in Western Maryland.

"With investments in infrastructure, a quality workforce and a strong energy policy, we are going to create more and more jobs in Maryland," Brown added.

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin also made an appearance and said another concern is preserving the beauty of Western Maryland.

"We just want to contain the uniqueness of Western Maryland," Cardin said. "It's such a beautiful place, people just love it here. We want to make sure we can maintain that as we look towards this future."

The primary elections will be held June 24.