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Candidates for AG — Who Had the Better Legislative Session? — You Decide


The candidates for Attorney General had the potential to play significant roles in the 2014 General Assembly.  All  hold leadership positions that should give them a platform to pass significant legislation.  However, a quick glance at the session legislation shows that one of these candidates is far more effective than the others.

Brian Frosh, chair of the Judicial Proceedings Committee had a far more successful session than Jon Cardin, chair of the Election Law Subcommittee of the Ways and Means Committee, or Aisha Braveboy, chair of the Consumer Protection and Commercial Law Subcommittee of the Economic Matters Committee.  Click on any of the links to see the full rundown of the bills they sponsored.

Bills sponsored by Frosh represented the breadth of his work.   Looking down the columns, you can easily see that he’s an effective legislator based on how many of his bills (7) passed or have already been signed.   His bills protect women from unwanted, on-line sexual advances that can lead to physical violence, protect both  victims of dog bites and dog owners, strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence, and support financing of green energy.  And, most surprising of all, repeal Maryland’s support of a 150 year-old proposed constitutional amendment that supported slavery — a fascinating story.

Jon Cardin didn’t fare as well. Three of his bills passed.  The best of the lot — high school students will now be required to learn how to perform CPR and use an AED; this will most certainly save lives.  Persons who help a drug abuser get needed medical attention will be immune from criminal prosecution.  And citizens can no longer make specified assertions of patent infringement in bad faith.   Jon’s other eight “bills of the week” according to his weekly newsletters, didn’t make it.  They either received an unfavorable report or just died.

Aisha Braveboy only passed one piece of legislation.  It requires the Maryland State Police to pay special attention to recruiting candidates from underrepresented communities.

Brian Frosh’s legislative record clearly demonstrates that he is the best choice for Attorney General.  He knows how to work with his colleagues, with advocates, to pass quality, meaningful legislation.  He cares about those like victims of domestic violence that need protection that only our government and judicial system can provide.   And he can think creatively to bring green investment and subsequent green jobs to Maryland.