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Supporting Brian Frosh for attorney general


The bad news is that next year, for the first time in more than a quarter century, I will not be represented in the state legislature by Brian Frosh. Having him as a delegate and then as a senator has been one of the great benefits of living in Bethesda.

The good news is that Brian Frosh will still be working for me if we elect him as Maryland’s attorney general. I want an attorney general who has a record of protecting the Chesapeake Bay, scrutinizing the power companies and promoting recycling. I also want the person in that job to fight for sensible gun laws, affordable tuition, equal rights and consumer protection. Those are some of the causes he championed as a legislator.

During his years in the General Assembly and the Senate, Brian Frosh demonstrated, day by day, that there are still public servants. He is a hard worker who has strong principles — but understands that those we elect must also be willing to compromise in order to do the people’s business.

For these reasons and many others, I’m looking forward to voting for this candidate in the Democratic primary on June 24.