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Brian Frosh Endorsed by Governor Martin O'Malley




O’Malley officially endorses Frosh for Maryland Attorney General, calling Frosh a proven and experienced leader for Maryland

Greenbelt, MD. – Today at an announcement in front of a crowd of Frosh supporters and local elected officials, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley officially endorsed State Senator Brian Frosh in the upcoming Democratic primary for Maryland Attorney General.

“For 28 years Brian Frosh has been a proven leader in the Maryland General Assembly. Together, we have fought to protect Marylanders from gun violence, keep dangerous weapons off our streets, protect women and children from domestic abuse and sexual assault, and enact legislation to ensure equal protection under the law for all Marylanders. No one is more qualified to be attorney general,” said Governor O’Malley, speaking at a Get-Out-the-Vote rally in Greenbelt earlier today.

Frosh worked very closely with Governor O’Malley to pass Maryland’s tough gun safety laws, which went into effect on October 1, 2013.
“I’m so proud to have the full support and endorsement of my friend, Governor O’Malley. Thanks to the leadership of Governor O’Malley, Maryland’s gun safety laws now serve as a national model for reducing gun violence and giving law enforcement the tools they need to continue to protect our citizens. As attorney general, I will stand up to the gun lobby and enforce this law that the Governor, myself and others worked so hard to pass in order to save lives,” said Frosh.
Several elected officials also attended the event including State Senator Paul Pinksy, State Senator Jim Rosapepe, State Senator Victor Ramirez, Delegate Susan Lee, Delegate Tawanna Gaines, Delegate Barbara Frush, Delegate Anne Healey and Bowie Mayor Frederick Robinson.