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Endorsements: Frosh for attorney general


Published: Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Endorsements: Frosh for attorney general

Like the Montgomery County executive’s race, Democrats have three choices for their attorney general nominee. And like the county executive’s race, each candidate offers a portfolio of accomplishments that could merit a voter’s support. Baltimore County Del. Jon Cardin has faced a wide range of issues as a lawyer and a legislator. Prince George’s County Del. Aisha Braveboy has built a solid reputation of serving communities, not just in her home county but in other areas of the state, as well.

But state Sen. Brian Frosh is our choice for nomination. After having served two terms in the House of Delegates and completing his fifth term in the Maryland Senate, Frosh has extensive experience at lawmaking. He has been the chairman of the Judicial Proceedings Committee for 11 years. As he said in our interview with him, most of the laws he’ll be enforcing, he has written. And that experience means he knows how to be an advocate within the General Assembly.

Frosh has focused on the environment for much of his career, and he said he’d pursue environmental crime as attorney general. He said too many polluters have gotten warnings. Their last warning, he said, will be when he takes office, promising consistent, swift and tougher consequences.

We think Frosh would make a great choice for Democrats.

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