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Vote for my friend Brian Frosh, for Maryland Attorney General, on June 24


by  • June 13, 2014 

If you do one thing in the Maryland primary elections on June 24, vote for my friend, Brian Frosh for Attorney General.

I’ve been a journalist for most of my life, and for most of that time I’ve been a registered independent. I did that because I’m old fashioned and I think that if I’m writing professionally about politics and government, I should not declare myself for any party or faction. I’m not writing for any news publication now, so I’m freer to speak.

As an Independent, I can’t vote in the primary election on June 24 that will choose Democratic and Republican candidates to run in the fall general election. But if I could vote, I’d vote for the most effective politician that I have covered in my 30 years of reporting on politics and government – Brian E. Frosh, who is running in the Democratic primary for Maryland Attorney General.

Brian has been my friend for 25 years, since I ended my time in 1990 on the politics beat for the late lamented Montgomery Journal, as a reporter covering the Maryland General Assembly. I covered him in his first four years as a Maryland delegate representing Bethesda in the State House. Even then he was different. He didn’t take any contributions from PACs – political action committees. And in his first four years, and later in 24 years as a state senator, he did and has done more for Maryland’s environment than any Free State politician I know of. That’s why the Sierra Club has consistently endorsed him. In fact his list of endorsements is so long, I couldn’t begin to list them all.

He’s also one of the most fair-minded, even-handed and inclusive politicians I have come across. He works with both sides of the aisle on all kinds of issues and doesn’t make enemies. He listens to everyone. But he knows when to take a firm stand and knows how to do the hard, thankless work of forming coalitions until his cause wins. That’s the real work of politics.

He is candid, funny, self-deprecating and wry.  He’s intelligent and honest, and will be the first person to tell you if he makes a mistake.

He has been endorsed in no uncertain terms – no tepid endorsements here – by bothThe Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun.

And here’s some of the language those publications used, unqualified words which you almost never see in political endorsements.

Here’s a quote from the endorsement of Brian from the editorial board of my former employer, The Washington Post: “At once self-effacing and substantive, Mr. Frosh has inspired bipartisan respect as a legislator who gets big things done without unduly tooting his own horn. He has shaped and sponsored much of Maryland’s most important environmental legislation for years, including measures to protect the Chesapeake Bay and promote recycling and cleaner cars. He wrote laws that cracked down on identity theft and teen drunk driving and has been one of the Senate’s most effective strategists in tackling gun violence.”

Here’s a quote from The Baltimore Sun’s endorsement: “It is a rare pleasure in any election year to have a candidate for state-wide office we can endorse so enthusiastically as we do Brian Frosh in the Democratic primary for attorney general….His committee has been the focal point for some of the most contentious debates in recent years, from gay marriage to gun control, and he has at once demonstrated his abilities as a passionate advocate for public safety and social justice and as an inclusive leader who gives all sides their due. Ask the Republicans who have served on his committee, and they’ll tell you he unfailingly treats them with dignity and respect.

“Mr. Frosh’s depth and breadth of expertise is unmatched by his opponents and perhaps by anyone in the legislature…… It would be difficult to find a more thoughtful, straightforward and honest lawmaker in Annapolis and those are just the qualities we need in an attorney general.”

I know that endorsements don’t work as well as they used to; we’re all more cynical and skeptical of our elected leaders. And that’s one more reason to vote for Brian; in all the rough and tumble of politics in a long career in the Maryland State House, he isn’t cynical at all. He still thinks government can work for people, in fact he has proved that it can do so.

On June 24, vote for my friend Brian Frosh. He’ll thank you, and so will I. If you want to do more, I urge you to do that too. Send him a contributionVolunteer. Like him on Facebookand follow him on Twitter. Tell your friends, in fact send this to anyone you know who is a registered Democrat in Maryland and tell them to do likewise.

Brian is behind in the polls but close.  This is a tight race because the nephew of U.S. Senator Ben Cardin is running as well. Jon Cardin has high name recognition in Maryland because of the Cardin name and he’s leading in the polls. But as The Post and The Sun said, Jon Cardin doesn’t measure up. He’s not his uncle.

Please vote for Brian Frosh for attorney general on June 24. It’s important.