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Carroll County Times: Frosh for Attorney General


In the state race for Attorney General, the Carroll County Times endorses Democrat Brian Frosh. As a delegate, and then as a state senator, Frosh has a record of standing up for victims of domestic violence. He has worked to protect consumers from identity theft, and he was a key driver in Maryland's gun law and expanding the state's DNA database as a way to identify more criminals. He has also been a strong proponent of open government, ethics and of laws aimed at protecting our environment. Frosh brings a wealth of experience, a track record for results and the respect of lawmakers in Annapolis who he has worked with for years, all qualities that will serve him well as the state's next Attorney General.

In the U.S. House of Representatives District 8 race, the Carroll County Times endorses Democrat Chris Van Hollen. As ranking member of the House Budget Committee, Van Hollen plays a key role in budgetary matters. The Washington Post called him a "bona fide budget expert." He has also been an advocate for veterans, education and small businesses.

In the state race for Comptroller, the Carroll County Times endorses Democrat Peter Franchot. As a member of the state Board of Public Works, Franchot has stood up against wasteful or inappropriate spending. He spoke out against officials with the state health exchange who bypassed normal contracting rules, and he has spoken out often about the need for greater transparency in state spending. Franchot keeps a sharp eye on making sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely, and that's something we all can vote to support.