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Frosh would bring solid focus as AG


The two men running to be Maryland’s next attorney general share many similarities.

Both state Sen. Brian Frosh (D) and Baltimore attorney Jeffrey N. Pritzker (R) say they would partner with state’s attorneys around the state to work on complex cases. Both want to protect consumers from scam artists and both plan to vigorously attack identity theft and cybercrime, crimes of the future.

But Pritzker also wants to buck the Annapolis power structure by questioning legislation. For example, he would challenge the “rain tax,” in which jurisdictions are charging fees to help pay for Chesapeake Bay cleanup. He wants assistant attorneys general to conduct cost-benefit analyses of state regulations to help stem the tide of Maryland losing businesses.

Unfortunately, Pritzker isn’t describing an attorney general, an office that plays an important role in working with the Annapolis power structure to ensure bills out of the General Assembly pass constitutional muster. He’s describing the job of an inspector general, who can ferret out government malfeasance. He might be the right person for that job.

Pritzker would like to paint his opponent as part of the Annapolis power structure — Frosh is after all a committee chair — but Frosh has bucked leadership on important issues like gambling and money for stadiums.

As attorney general, Frosh would offer a thoughtful alternative. He earns The Gazette’s endorsement.