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Elect Frosh attorney general


State Sen. Brian Frosh, a Democrat from Montgomery County, has been an effective and well-respected lawmaker for nearly 30 years, first in the House of Delegates for two terms and now in the Maryland Senate for five.

Frosh has been a low-key, but instrumental voice in Annapolis. Although some of his positions may not reflect those of Shore voters, Frosh has maintained working relationships with moderate and centrist lawmakers while effectively pushing some progressive agenda items through the legislature.

With years of experience as a state lawmaker, as the longtime chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, and in his private law practice, Frosh has the depth of experience to effectively manage the attorney general’s office, which must handle a broad range of issues.

Through legislation, Frosh has worked to protect seniors, domestic violence victims, consumers and the environment. He has pledged aggressive action to target child predators and keep children safe online.

Frosh’s Republican opponent has focused on taxes and regulations, issues more germane to other offices, such as governor or comptroller.

Brian Frosh has the knowledge and experience needed for the next attorney general. Vote Frosh for attorney general.